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This book - I am only on page 86 - I found discarded by someone by the beach in Florida.  I am not German, but I had German in school.  How the story so far, until page 86, relates to my life!

Though, alone in the USA and not being an American (nor a German) my life is more like a legal - and financial thriller than Ninas so far,
the marital betrayal, so deep, that it is felt in every cell of ones body, is the same.  

No where, and I searched everywhere for 2.5 years, have I found comfort, an accurate bandage for the particular pain I felt, but in this book.  

It is the very description of the pain, of the betrayal, of the as a woman giving up your life, your career, your everything, only to be dismissed in the end, that comforted.  It is the description of finding oneself empty-handed and alone, betrayed, tricked, and what it does to your soul.

Such deep, deep devastation, inability to cope ...

A writer somewhere in this world, or her friend or her acquaintance experienced it too!  Or at least it was experienced in someones imagination.  Whichever one it was that brought about the main character Nina in Klaras Haus, it has validated my own experiences and feelings which have not resonated with anyone in my close surroundings.  Which I have not found described anywhere but here.

I am most grateful for Klaras Haus.  Most inspired, and comforted.  Thank you.  


ps I am only on page 86 and hope to stay grateful, inspired and comforted until the end and beyond.

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Klaras Haus eBook